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Single Origin Chute Blend Parachutes 5 Pack

Single Origin Chute Blend Parachutes 5 Pack

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Rip: Gently tear along perforation
Drip: Hang on cup & fill n’ drip 3 times (200ml) with water just off the boil
Splash: A dash of your favourite milk.
Sip: Drink damn good, convenient coffee


Our Chute Blend is a bullseye for milk coffees, both dairy and plant based. It's broken a few rules along the way, bringing quality and convenience together, and milk to filter, and that's made it even sweeter. Brew your Chute Blend and add just a splash of milk, to enjoy this brave new coffee world. Expect ripe stone fruit, vibrant acidity & malty sweetness.


It took the better part of two years to create the first fully compostable drip coffee bag, for disposal in your home compost or FOGO collection. The thing we love most about this compostable coup is that it gets the coffee grounds along with the filter bag into compost, the place where they should be.

Want to find out more about our latest products and how we landed specialty coffee inside 'chutes? Read more about our Single O Parachutes here.

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