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Mandole Orchard

Mandole Orchard Almond Milk

Mandole Orchard Almond Milk

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Clean. Healthy. Sustainable. Delicious.
Almond milk that’s good for you and the planet.

The only almond milk made by a family of almond farmers.

Australia’s first single origin almond milk is freshly made from a nutritious blend of whole almonds selected from Mandole Orchard's family farm.

Mandole Orchard's almonds are activated in purified water, then crushed and blended daily using a homemade recipe that cherishes the natural goodness inside every nut.

Every glass of our almond milk contains over 5g of protein and is a delicious source of Vitamin E, giving you more nutrients in every serve.

Mandolé Orchard Almond Milk has a luxuriously creamy texture and nutty flavour that’s so good, we had to bottle it. And with more almonds in each bottle, this is how almond milk SHOULD taste.

Contains filtered water, almonds and salt, that's it!

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