About Us

The Shop Next Door was created by naturopath Amanda Haberecht and nutritionist Kate Levins.

The idea for the shop was founded on a shared dream to facilitate more approachable access to nourishing food, healing herbal medicine, and well-aligned products that are safe and non-toxic, share a commitment to sustainability, and provide a memorable experience.

We invite our customers to experience, engage with and contemplate their wellbeing. We aim to remind youthat how we eat and drink, the products we choose to use on our skin, the quality of ingredients we choose, and the daily practices and rituals we ascribe to, all influence the way in which we feel in our every day. We hope that when you enter The Shop Next Door, it offers you an opportunity for a pause and some restorative moments of slow.

Join us for a warm drink, a nourishing meal, a herbal tea or tonic to support you in whatever is ailing you, pick up a gift for a friend (or yourself), or come for a chat. We can’t wait to meet and serve you.